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What's a PTC heating element?

What is a PTC heating element?

PTC heating element, a stable self-regulating heater.

Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) heaters consist of specialized heating disks made from advanced ceramic materials. These safe, powerful and energy efficient heaters produce excellent heat generation and transfer even in the smallest spaces.

Overheating of conventional heating elements is one of the biggest safety concerns for heating products. This is not an uncommon problem with conventional heating elements. However, this is only a concern of PTC heating element products. The technology is not only safer, but also more cost-effective. PTC heating elements have a large positive temperature coefficient of resistance, which means that if a constant voltage is applied, the element generates a lot of heat when its temperature is low, and less heat when its temperature is high.

If the heat required to maintain the desired temperature is known, a PTC heating element can be selected to provide the correct heat at the desired temperature. This heating element heats up quickly because it produces more heat at low temperatures.

PTC heating elements are ideal for products that require safe, efficient and uniform heating. With PTC heating elements, you can make quality products that run more efficiently and safely than coils and wires, while also being more cost-effective.

Shenzhen Three Field PTC provides different types of PTC heating elements. We will share articles about types of PTC heating elements soon. 

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